Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 4th of July 2009!

For the 4th of July, we went to the fireworks show in Lone Tree. Mom made a wonderful dinner, and in spite of the rain, we had a very nice time. Angelina looked extra stylish in her dress, which I made all by myself! She loved the fireworks! She was totally mesmerized. We also enjoyed watching Brian and Kirsten's new baby Lily. We might need a new puppy soon too! Angelina had a great time playing with her :)

Father's Day 2009

For Father's Day this year, Ricky went on a long bike ride all by himself, all the way to Evergreen to film some cycling races. We went to Heritage Square that afternoon for some Father's Day fun. We had such a great time! Thanks for being such a great father to our little one Ricky!

Graduation Party

I finally did it! The party was wonderful--thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Camping 2009

Earlier this summer we went camping for the first time with Angelina.  We went to Wellington Lake, one of our favorite camping spots, and enjoyed some wonderful weather.  Some of the pictures are of the next morning, as you will be able to tell by the bad hair and worse attitudes!  Right when we pulled up to our camp site, we got out and I took Angelina down to the lake.  She stepped in, and I thought she would probably cry because the water is so cold, but instead she surprised me by running right out into the lake!  I had to grab her several times to keep her from running past her little two foot height into the lake.  She was very determined!  I still can't believe she did that!  She was soaked from head to toe, and she thought it was great fun.  No tears from our Navy girl!  It was a fun and memorable little vacation.  (please excuse Anglina's gesture, she always points that way... might need to address that before she goes to school!) 

New House!

So, we moved back in April, and I came across some nice pictures from the housewarming party that we had.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  We got rained on a bit, but it was a fun gathering anyway.  I was very pleased to use my paper lanterns, which are in a few pictures.  The house itself is very nice, but on the older side.  It was built in 1910, I believe.  We are renting it for the next two years, and then on to bigger things I hope!  I am enjoying the extra space that we enjoy here.  We have two bedrooms upstairs, and two in the basement.  It is an unfinished basement, so I use one for storage and one as a craft room.  It is a scrabooking, sewing, gift-wrapping explosion--and I love it!  Ricky has planted a vegetable garden, which is coming along nicely by now.  My Mom planted some flowers in the front planter, and they really brighten up the place.  It's good to have a little more space to stretch out in, and a yard for Angelina to play in.  We are happy to have the South Platte River trail within sight from our back door too.  That was a big selling point for me!  We go on family bike trips and I go on runs all the time.  Our house backs up to Overland golf course too, and we have fun practicing our "short game" on the practice green that is just down the ally from us.  It is a peaceful neighborhood, and a gorgeous house.  We are happy to be home!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emily Get Your Gun!

A little overdue, I am trying to catch up with some postings that I think are too good to overlook.  I have been so busy lately, and I came across so many cute pictures from these past few months.  Namely, these pictures of Emily at her play, back in January I think.  The name of the play was "Annie, Get Your Gun", but I think Emily has more of a ring to it.  It was a wonderful performance, although I didn't see much of it because I had Angelina out in the foyer.  Every time I try to take her to some kind of performance, I think to myself, "it will be okay.  She will just watch quietly and maybe fall asleep."  Every time, with no exception, I am wrong.  But, it was a cute play, and Emily was the cutest girl there!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Angelina Rose is 1 Year Old!

Today was a big day for Angelina Rose. She had her first birthday--a fun ladybug themed party with lots of friends and family. The day was so wonderful from start to finish. I had fun with the theme, and decided to dust off my cake decorating skills and make a true masterpiece for my baby's first birthday. I made the ladybug cake in a bowl and decorated it myself, and I also made the cupcakes, down to the little ladybugs on the top. I will have to post that recipe, because it was so easy and SO delicious! (thank you for sharing that one with me Danielle) Angelina really enjoyed being the center of attention, and even decided to take a few steps for everyone! I am so proud of my little girl. She has grown up so much in just one year. It was neat to see her interacting with everyone--from her fellow toddler cousins to her great-grandma and grandpa Hileman.

hank you to everyone who came and made the day such a memorable experience!